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Democrat for
At Large

Dan works for all of us


Our Forsyth  County Commission needs a new commitment to listening to, responding to, and working for ALL our people. 

I grew up in North Carolina and have made Forsyth County my home For two decades I worked as a Winston-Salem City Council Member, concentrating on making our community an even better place.  In the process, I had the opportunity to work with colleagues from all across the city of Winston-Salem, as well as those from Clemmons, Kernersville, Lewisville, Rural Hall and all the other communities in Forsyth County.  We need to bring this cooperative spirit to work at the county level as we deal with today's urgent challenges. 

We must work together to educate all our children, keep all our neighborhoods safe, protect and improve all our people's health, protect a clean and green environment for all our families, and help build a local economy which provides jobs and housing opportunity for all of our people.

As part of that commitment, we must ensure that our Black and Hispanic/Latino neighbors, families, and children, and other historically underserved communities whether inside or outside of city limits, will no longer be left out or left behind.  We must bridge the gaps in opportunity for all.

I’ve always described my approach as “neighbors working together”—and I can’t think of a better way to describe the attitude we need working for us on the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.  I’m asking you for the chance to help neighbors work together as the At Large County Commissioner for ALL the people of Forsyth County.

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