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economy and jobs

"My experience in working for economic development and better jobs at the local level as a city council member has taught me some important lessons.  First, businesses who are interested in locating or expanding in a community ask first about education. They want to know that they will be able to hire the trained, qualified workers they need.  They also want to know that all their employees will be able to send their children to good public schools and higher education here. Second, they ask about infrastructure. Will they have the roads and transit, water and sewer, and other services they need to operate safely and efficiently?  Other factors like incentives are nothing but tie-breakers, at most.

I am committed to ensuring that we have the good public schools, community colleges, and public universities necessary to meeting these needs.  Community colleges in particular play a vital role in providing the targeted training needed to take advantage of growing job fields. By working with businesses considering expansion, they can also help that happen here, instead of being lost to other states.

In addition, I have strong local and regional public service experience in transportation and water/sewer planning and development.  I will see to it that these needs are treated with the priority they deserve in our legislative planning and budgets so that we build our economy and grow jobs.  I’ll also use my local experience in ensuring that economic incentives are provided only in a smart manner that guarantees performance and protects the taxpayers.

Finally, I understand the difference between just more jobs—and more jobs that pay well, include good benefits, and provide paths to long-term success.  I’ll work to promote policies and programs that grow jobs with good pay, benefits, security, and opportunity to advance."

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